“One of my top three albums of the year alongside Aphex Twin and Caribou”
Rob da Bank

Dear human,
Please accept my humble invitation to listen to my new album Distractions.
It took ages to make and all the songs mean a lot to me. I hope u like them.
Here’s what The Musical Melting Pot had to say:

Distractions represents a Pokémon-like evolution not only for Beardyman as an artist, but also for the world of music as a whole. Just as Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile and Felix Baumgartner became the first man to skydive from the edge of space, Distractions demonstrates how something once thought impossible can be proven to lie within the realm of human possibility in a hugely inspiring fashion. I’ve no doubt that many musicians will be freshly motivated by Beardyman’s boundary-shattering efforts, but even when the pack begins to catch up to Distractions we can safely bet that the mind behind it will be restlessly exploring territories far beyond even this.”


Daz, aka Beardyman.


The Dream Team Sessions @ jazz cafe, London

jazz cafe poster

Monday 20th April

Tickets Here

A musical powerhouse featuring:

Gary Lucas:

One of the greatest living guitarists. Captain Beefheart’s lead guitarist, co-writer of Grace with Jeff Buckley, the musical force behind his Gods and Monsters supergroup amongst many other accolades too numerous to mention.

Steve Lawson:

One of the world’s greatest, most distinctive and highly respected bassists, a live-looping & effects pioneer, known the world over for pushing bass guitar to it’s limits and way beyond.

Andy Gangadeen:

The great Andy Gangadeen is possibly the most sought after and accomplished drummer in the world. His work has ranged from Massive Attack to Duran Duran, Jeff Beck to the Chase and Status and his own supergroup

This is Beardyman’s musical dream team of improvisational legends. It’s set to be a night of utterly gorgeous, breathtakingly epic music.

Tuesday 21st April

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Rapper, singer, musician, poet: Dizraeli has won the BBC Radio 4 Poetry Slam and is one of the most highly regarded freestylers in the UK. With Dizraeli & The Small Gods he pushes the boundaries of hiphop and folk while with his partner in crime DownLow constructs a live hiphop show unlike anything else around.


A freestyle lyricist from the future, Leen’s songwriting brain is comparable to that of a Chess Master, writing the next verse in his head before he’s finished executing the first. Check this to see where he takes the idea of Gummy Bears robbing a bank:

Arthur Lea:

Described by The Guardian as a “21st Century Thelonius Monk”, Arthur Lea is a virtuoso keyboard player from another realm. He plays keys with Tongue Fu, collaborating with Kate Tempest and Scroobius Pip amongst many others.


Belle “Bellatrix” Ehresmann is a British double bass/bass guitarist, singer-song writer, and the 2009 Female World Champion Beatboxer.

Rob Lewis:

London based cellist/songwriter/composer/producer/recovering chocoholic who’s worked with SBTRKT, Jason Mraz, Beardyman, Marit Larsen, Mary J Blige, Sondre Lerche, Mel C, Muse, Bushwalla, Two Spot Gobi, Labrynth, Life in Film, Luke Sital-Singh, Spiritualised, Heritage Orchestra and many more..

Get your tickets fast!!

We’re offering 50 special tickets for both nights at £25, first come, first served, here


Musical Supergroup 20th April

Freestyle Masterclass 21st April

Dubai 2015



Despite the epic sandstorm earlier in the day, such a wicked vibe. You’d think dubai is just skyscrapers and gold watches, but actually, it’ s bumpin. which is nice. . i did a garishly savage and at times progressive set consisting of mainly electronic sounds and there was little in the way of comedy or anything silly. Just balls to the wall mashupness in the land of zero mash-up. Recognise.

Firefly sessions – San Francisco


A live group-composition by 4 humans.

Made live, on the fly at Firefly Labs/studios, San Francisco, CA, March 17th, 2015

Beardyman – Keyboards, Beardytron
Daniel Berkman – Ukelele, Looper, Handsonic
Rich DDT – Controllitar
Pete Bonner – Bass

Produced and edited by Toshi Anders Hoo
Camera Operator Liza Bender

Special thanks to

@LoveTech, Sasha Robinson, Firefly Labs, Moldover, Toshi Anders


Download the audio and more tracks from the session here:

So, this was an amazing couple of days. It started off with me just needing somewhere to set my gear up to practice / configure / repair in the midst of a US tour, but ended up being a full blown salon / soiree / jam session complete with moments of inspired awesomeness which i’m eternally grateful to all involved for. Such an awesome bunch of humans in San Fran. . . can’t wait to return.

Beardyman + Dizraeli | Government, Youth and Voting (Improvised) [Plugged:In]: SBTV

Datatransmission podcast

Mountain Side (Cosmodelica Main Vocal Remix)


Music Video for Fndege.Gurp from my Album “Distractions” by the esteemed mr_hopkinson


Distractions Tour – 2014 audio is for your consumption in brain is!


Having just released my 2nd Album “Distractions” i immediately set out on an international tour to promote it by not playing a single song from it. from it. So, please you are enjoy this are live, improvised gigs which I am making use brain, voice and Beardytron5000 mk4. Mk4 is feature drum machine of own design which is instantly sample and also is play back beatboxing from live is input, and work by referencing an on-the fly automatable 3d grid of 256 x 16 unique patterns which can be dynamically combined to produce unique drum pattern sequences switching at any point in the bar. It also features an Ableton/Massive based synth workstation controlled from lemur for ipad that has taken over a year to get from initial prototypes to gig ready awesomeness.



One Album per Hour – Listen / Download