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“One of my top three albums of the year alongside Aphex Twin and Caribou”
Rob da Bank

Here’s what The Musical Melting Pot had to say:

Distractions represents a Pokémon-like evolution not only for Beardyman as an artist, but also for the world of music as a whole. Just as Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile and Felix Baumgartner became the first man to skydive from the edge of space, Distractions demonstrates how something once thought impossible can be proven to lie within the realm of human possibility in a hugely inspiring fashion. I’ve no doubt that many musicians will be freshly motivated by Beardyman’s boundary-shattering efforts, but even when the pack begins to catch up to Distractions we can safely bet that the mind behind it will be restlessly exploring territories far beyond even this.”


Daz, aka Beardyman.


DJ Mag Live – Beardytron session

“Mountainside” official video – Directed by Lewis Rose


Starring Joe McTernan & Davina Leonard
Director – Lewis Rose
Concept – Beardyman and Lewis Rose
Producers – Nic Crum & Lewis Rose
Cinematography – Emma Dalesman
Focus Puller – David Byrne
1st AC – Alan McLaughlin
Gaffer – Alan McLean
Hair & Make Up Artist – Pamela Duffin & Jo Mcauliffe
Production Assistants – James Vorley & Ben Edwards
Tour Manager – Pete Bonner

Gabba, Gabba, Gabba, Tetris, Gabba Feat. Leen + Disraeli (One Album per Hour – the Dream Team Sessions)

What is the Beardytron?

Firefly sessions – San Francisco


A live group-composition by 4 humans.

Made live, on the fly at Firefly Labs/studios, San Francisco, CA, March 17th, 2015

Beardyman – Keyboards, Beardytron
Daniel Berkman – Ukelele, Looper, Handsonic
Rich DDT – Controllitar
Pete Bonner – Bass

Produced and edited by Toshi Anders Hoo
Camera Operator Liza Bender

Special thanks to

@LoveTech, Sasha Robinson, Firefly Labs, Moldover, Toshi Anders


Download the audio and more tracks from the session here:

So, this was an amazing couple of days. It started off with me just needing somewhere to set my gear up to practice / configure / repair in the midst of a US tour, but ended up being a full blown salon / soiree / jam session complete with moments of inspired awesomeness which i’m eternally grateful to all involved for. Such an awesome bunch of humans in San Fran. . . can’t wait to return.


Music Video for Fndege.Gurp from my Album “Distractions” by the esteemed mr_hopkinson


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